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Employability and Life Skills Trainer

The Job Readiness Trainer will be responsible for developing and delivering training programs to prepare trainees for job searching, interviews and success in the workforce.

Duties and Responsibilities

– Facilitates classes to assist trainees in gaining knowledge and soft-skills needed to secure employment
– Conducts classes in an atmosphere that promotes caring and respect in accordance with the Mission and Vision of The Premier HR
– Plans, organizes, and administers the prescribed curriculum to trainees
– Prepares written weekly reports to the Project Manager
– Demonstrates understanding of employability skills, teaching materials, and procedures with understanding of various teaching methods
– Instructs trainees in job seeking, application procedures; resume writing, interview preparation and job retention skills and attitudes
– Maintain necessary documentation of trainee records
– Help create action plans for trainees
– Evaluate effectiveness of the training programs and collect feedback from trainees
– Continuously update training material and methods based on latest skills requirements
– Prepares powerpoint files for training

Experience and Qualifications:

– Bachelor’s degree required in HR, Education, Economics, Management, Project management or related fields
– 2-3 years of experience designing and delivering training programs
– Advanced knowledge of employability skills and training methodologies
– Excellent communication, interpersonal and training skills
– Proven ability to engage and motivate diverse learners
– Detail-oriented with solutions-focused approach
– Team player with ability to multitask and prioritize effectively

📌 To apply, please send your CV to with the subject line “Employability and Life Skills Trainer”

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